Boneless Buffalo Bites


Boneless Buffalo Bites – Hand cut, boneless chicken with a light coating of Wing Sauce includes Bleu Cheese , Celery and Carrot Sticks and a medium Wing Sauce on the side

???? Jamaican Jerk – it’s got the moves!
????️ Sweet Thai Chili (with sesame seeds) – it’s a slam dunk!
????️ Mildy-Mild – it’s just getting warmed up!
❌ Not So-Hot – it’s a brick!
???? Sweet Heat – it’s got the fire!
????️ Sizzler – it’s a triple threat!
???? Honey-BBQ – it’s the MVP!
???? Red Garlic – it’s got some serious defense!
???? Fiesta – it’s a party in your mouth!
???? New Improved Caesar Parmesan – it’s a crowd-pleaser!
????️ Cajun – it’s got some serious spice!
???? Red White & Bleu – it’s a classic!
???? Butter Garlic – it’s got the buttery smooth moves!
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